Heeyyy alll!!
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tsumehige4ever wrote in do_me_tsume
I joined the Hige one as well ^^  I love both Hige and Tsume *points to user name*  XP

Yes, I'm probably a weird one for liking that pairing..  *shrugs*  If anyone else likes it let me know ^^   

But I love Tsume ^^  Even before I started to really adore Hige.  

He's such a hottie XDD  And I love his personality, how you see it change and develop throughout the series. 

I mean when Kiba told Tsume to hold Cheza near the end of the series I was staring at the screen saying "He's gonna drop her, he's gonna drop her!!"  XDD 

He's such an amazing character though  ^^

I shall try to do a fic to post, a oneshot if anything right now ^^;

I attempted fan art..but stopped seeing as I couldn't get his eyes..I'll keep trying though!!

If anyone has anything they'd like to see of him or suggestions please tell me and I'll try my best to do it ^^ 

Cosplay of him is in progress..got pants so far..X-small  >.<  not leather though..*sighs*  the leather pants I have were in my old size 8  ....but I'll try to cosplay him still to the best of my ability!!  Though I hope people won't shun a female version ^^;  Though each time I bring up that cosplay people say they wanna see pics XD  When I get a decent amount done in it I may post WIP pics if it doesn't turn out bad ^^;; 

Hmm..ahhmm..okay I suppose thats it for now..don't wanna bore anyone XD 

Take care all!!



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