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phantompanther wrote in do_me_tsume
Err...hello. *shy wave*

I'm a 19 year old female (*pout*) who is extremely obsessive over almost everything. Video games, movies, celebrities, tv shows, websites, toys... You name it, I'm probably obsessed with it. I am sad, I know. x__x;

I love Tsume. Obviously, because I did, in fact, join the community. XD; Why do I love him? To be honest, I'm not quite sure... I suppose it's because he's sexy. ...Yes, a cartoon can be sexy! I also like the way he acts to the others.

Um..yeah, I'm SO good at explaining why I like things... >>;

*prods sister, aka the community mod*

Hey, Jack? You should probably work on this community a bit more... I mean, what are the rules? Are we allowed to promote communities here? *hint hint, nudge nudge* Also, please block anonymous posting. I hate it when comments are anonymous... And considering this community is about a cartoon character, there may be some jerk out there who would want to make a bashing comment. At least if the person is going to do it, it won't be anonymous... *thinking about the time she got the anonymous comment on her LJ*


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narf, I'll work on it. soon

*prods* Work on it really soon please. *Puss in Boots eyes*


*runs from the Puss in Boots eyes.* I know what they hide.

(Deleted comment)
Yeppers... The person was saying I was sad and such in my journal because I was talking about a character in a movie and how much I loved him... I know he's not real, but I still <3 him. Heh. ^__^;

*laughs as well* Will you now? It's nice to know that there's someone here who will stand up for what they believe in. (Probably at least two, because my sister tends to do that as well). I'm a bloody coward, mostly, so...yeah.

Anonymous posting really sucks. Bleh.

XD Yep, yep. Video game characters too. *working on two "do me" video game character communities* >>;

(Deleted comment)
Oh, you guys are not the only ones! Tsume, IMO, is one of the most drool-worthy anime characters I've seen so far, but then...I drool over quite a few of them mytself. Though I'm afraid to admit that yes, anime characters can be sexy to my friends, for fear of strange looks.

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